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Have you ever heard of Relational Fitness?

No?!? I actually hadn't either until my husband said it to me. "I think you practice Relational Fitness, he said. Hmm...#RelationalFitness?!? What do you mean by that?

This is what he said:

I think your #RelationalFitnessexpert It is all encompassing- the human mind, body and spirit. You are not just being concerned about the physical fitness like joining a gym, having a workout routine or meeting fitness goals.

You are concerned about the person as a whole & reaching out to them relationally through "next level" discussion groups on a personal level. Not just ..not saying, "Hey, that was a great work- let's go hit the bar!" Although sometimes I do say that-LOL!

Rather, you say hey can we spend a few minutes over a cup of coffee & talk about what we want to work towards in our daily lives? How can I help you?

Anyone can isolate themselves at the gym accomplish fitness goals but are you wanting to connect on a deeper level?

"That's SO good", I said!

Hence, Relational Fitness being part of Be Free's mission statement is born!

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